DEFEND’s Brain Olympiad!

Full Rules:

Who qualifies for participation?

  • Must be 13 years or older to participate
  • Participants ages 13-17 must have a parent’s consent to participation on camera prior to the outset of the event
  • Anyone from any part of the world may participate although prizes issued only in Canadian funds (gift cards) or equivalent
  • Participants must email us names/birthdays of participants for team registration at least 24 hours prior to the event
  • After paying the registration fee, you must email us the complete form. Once paid (above) and after you email us, we will send you the LINK for the event Zoom code and details of common household items you will need for challenges. No machine/technology assistance accepted 

Team rules:

  • All four participants (teams) must be in the same room at the same time while participating 
  • Only ONE team member may say an answer out loud (before answer timer ends) although teams will be able to whisper to each other before one person gives the trivia answer 

Quiz rules:

  • Trivia questions will be in one of four categories: Sports, history, politics & entertainment and randomized for all participants
  • Questions must be answered within 30 seconds or team/participant will default
  • One default/wrong answer per team/participant will be permitted for a grace. Following the grace answer, the next wrong answer or default will eliminate that team/participant
  • During the period of time when a team/participant is not answering a question, the team/participant must be participating in a challenge that will be assigned during the event. Failure to complete challenges or for all participants to remain on camera on Zoom at all times during the event, will result in team/participant elimination
  • Questions will be asked until all but one participant/team remains. All participants must continue challenges assigned for entirety of the event
  • Judges will be monitoring all streams for participants not completing challenges. Judges determinations will be final
  • Host will ask one question per round to a participant/team then move on to the next participants. 
  • Questions will get more difficult as the event continues
  • When three participants/teams remain, prizes will begin to be dispensed. One prize per registration
  • Amount of first prize gift cards will depend on the number of participants in the event.  First prize “store of choice” must permit purchasing of gift cards online 
  • First prize may be split between up to two stores/restaurants 
  • Must have Zoom installed prior to the event. Failure to attend the event will result in loss of registration fee(s). All registration fees are non-refundable
  • All participants will be broadcast on YouTube (live streamed) and all participants consent to the sharing of their image by virtue of participation in the event
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