Dark Side of the Web – Podcast

Dark Side of the Web - Podcast

An original fictional series from DEFEND. All episodes will delve into real risks for children and vulnerable people online.

Check back here weekly after each episode for a written companion piece about the risks heard in each episode.

Season 1

  • Episode 1: “Beta” – A 10-year-old boy brings adult language to the dinner table straight from his gaming environment – Read the companion
  • Episode 2: “Battery Aziz” – A wannabe influencer attempts a dangerous stunt for his followers – Read the companion
  • Episode 3: “Underage Siren” – A police officer makes a startling discovery about her teen daughter – Read the companion
  • Episode 4: “Kindler” – A teen girl doesn’t see any issues when signing up for an adult dating site Read the companion
  • Episode 5: “Pounder” – A mom finds a lewd object in her son’s room which leads to another shocking discovery Read the companion
  • Episode 6: “Foreign Prince” – A mother learns her 8-year old son has been communicating with a ‘prince’. Read the companion
  • Episode 7: “Snowmegle” – A group of young girls are easily manipulated into sharing lewd acts on a random video chat site. Read the companion
  • Episode 8: “She said it would be just the two of us” – A man in a wheelchair attends for a special night out with a date. He’s met with a nasty surprise. Read the companion.
  • Episode 9: “Screenshot” – A teen becomes a victim of a blackmailer after some not-so-normal web surfing. Read the companion.
  • Episode 10: “Unknown Error” – An elderly woman encounters a scam artist on her home computer. Read the companion.
  • Episode 11: “Babysitter” – A young boy suspects his babysitter is up to no good. Read the companion.
  • Episode 12: “Narrow Body” – The founder of an influential health product is grilled in an interview. Read the companion.
  • Episode 13: “Insta” – A mother learns some dark secrets about her 11-year-old when the child is found self-harming. Read the companion

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Season 2

Coming soon!

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