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This page may be appropriate for kids ages 4-11. Kids: please make sure your parent knows you’re looking at this site.

How many online safety tips can you find? Click here for PDF.

Zoe & Molly - Online Safety Comics & Game

Appropriate for grades 2-5, this website is produced by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection in association with the Canadian Government. It features a read-along comic book and game kids can play that will inform them about issues regarding online safety. Check it out HERE.

Learn about different apps

Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube and more. Here’s where you can learn about the different risks on a wide variety of online apps and websites. Check it out HERE.

Did someone ask you to send a nude?

Send a naked mole rat instead. If you’re in need of help, there is a safe way out. Call police or Cybertip 1-866-658-9022 or for more information check out https://dontgetsextorted.ca

naked mole rat animal

Intimate Images Removal

Teens taking selfies cell phone selfie vanity

Need help removing a video or picture that you regret? Check out this site: https://needhelpnow.ca

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Warning Signs – Coming soon

Top Ways to Stay Safe Online – Coming soon

How to Talk to Adults About What’s Up – Coming soon

Mental Health – Coming soon


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