65square – Healthier social media.

Did you know that last year alone, Facebook child sex abuse reports to NCMEC amounted to a little more than 20 million? Now, Facebook has announced they’re working on developing an Instagram App for children under the age of 13! This is simply unacceptable.

Think about what could happen if we have all users verified on social media: 

  • There would be a significant reduction in the sharing of CSAM (child sex abuse material)
  • There would be a significant reduction in bullying,
  • There would be a significant reduction in scammers,
  • There would be an increase of online accountability; and, 
  • We can segregate children online, so they can have a safe space (without fear of child predators or random adults contacting them). 

We’ve decided to take action instead of waiting for government to protect our children and vulnerable people. We’ve decided to become a leader and step up to the plate for the world to see what’s possible if we have online accountability.



Say hello to 65square.

A new experience in social media. It’s a game-like setting, showing you a 3D world without the gaming atmosphere. It’s not a game. It’s real life or as close as possible in a virtual setting. And yes, everyone will be verified.

Time to reserve your 'plot' of land inside 65square now! Less than $20!

You will build (from templates) a “home” (a 3D graphical representation of your physical home or perhaps what you want your home to look and feel like) instead of having a “home page” that you might be used to on other social media. You will experience people real time, using innovative chat, video or audio features.

Parts of your virtual home will offer you features you’re used to on regular social media. Go into your ‘kitchen’ to see and access your cooking groups you’re apart of. Enter your ‘media room’ to see shareable moments you’ve posted or your family’s timeline. The experience and features have a wide variety of customization options.

Children can be verified on our system and with exemplary moderation, they can have a safe space without fear of random adults contacting them. Kids will learn more about having respect and accountability online. Ultimately, our stringent login system will verify every time someone logs in, that they are who they are supposed to be.



Interested in online dating? Have you ever been catfished? Our system will allow you to have a different kind of online dating experience. Imagine being able to meet up with a date virtually at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Communicate with anyone that publicly shares their location on the system or walk up to someone’s virtual house and knock on the door. 

Other types of business experiences available on our system (non-exhaustive list):

  • Conferences/trade shows
  • Digital movie theatres 
  • Digital concerts/exhibitions 
  • Creators of all kinds 
  • Classes
  • Shows/events and more!
  • Fundraising and recurring billing systems for creators

Environmental concerns will fuel the innovation on our site, we hope. Yes, some likely some won’t like the daily time limit on our system (the working number right now is that the limit will be approximately 2 hours per day with extensions available). Some people will love it! Mental health and the health of our planet is at the core of this decision. We want to encourage you every day to be thankful for the time you have outside of your phone. Imagine, a big tech company actually caring about the mental health of its users!


So this is just a peak inside. More is coming and we hope you’ll join us! We’re very proud of what we’ve done and what’s to come! Our tentative launch is Spring 2022! Interested in supporting the project? Sign up for your virtual plot of land now by selecting the Basic Plot of Land which will include one calendar year of service when we launch!

Educate. Advocate. Protect.