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Did you know that in 2021 alone, Facebook platform (Meta, Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp) child sex abuse reports to NCMEC amounted to more than 26 million? Facebook has announced they’re working on developing an Instagram App for children under the age of 13! This is simply unacceptable.

Think about what could happen if we have all users verified on social media: 

  • There would be a significant reduction in the sharing of CSAM (child sex abuse material)
  • There would be a significant reduction in bullying,
  • There would be a significant reduction in scammers,
  • There would be an increase of online accountability; and, 
  • We can segregate children online, so they can have a safe space (without fear of child predators or random adults contacting them). 

We’ve decided to take action instead of waiting for government to protect our children and vulnerable people. We’ve decided to become a leader and step up to the plate for the world to see what’s possible if we have online accountability.


Say hello to 65square.

A new experience in social media. It’s a game-like setting, showing you a 3D world without the gaming atmosphere. It’s not a game. It’s real life or as close as possible in a virtual setting. And yes, everyone will be verified.

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You will build (from templates) a “home” (a 3D graphical representation of your physical home or perhaps what you want your home to look and feel like) instead of having a “home page” (like on other social media). You will experience people real time, using innovative chat, video or audio features.

Parts of your virtual home will offer you features you already know from traditional social media. Go into your ‘kitchen’ to see and access your cooking groups. Enter your ‘media room’ to see shareable moments you’ve posted or your family’s timeline. The experience and features have a wide variety of customization options.

Children can be verified on our system and with exemplary moderation, they can have a safe space without fear of random adults contacting them. Kids will learn more about having respect and accountability online. Ultimately, our stringent login system will verify every time someone logs in, that they are who they are supposed to be.



Worried about privacy?

So are we. Which is why it will feel great to get away from other social platforms. We’re a nonprofit and there’s going to be zero advertising (that you’d typically see on a social platforms) inside our system. To be clear, businesses inside our system will be able to have 3D billboards that you may see while exploring and they will have the ability to have sponsors for their live stream events but your data (aside from your username) won’t be accessible to them. We’re not going to be harvesting or selling ANY of your data. The information we will extract from your passport (by scanning the chip NOT by taking a picture of your passport) is your legal name, date of birth, gender, nationality and your passport photo.  All of these won’t ever be public and will be stored encrypted and checked only to make sure you’re the one who is logging in every time. You’ll be seen in the system by your customized username and we will be openly offering independent researchers and auditors the ability to review our system’s code and the data we’re collecting (with your consent of course). We’re even going one step further and creating a Charter of Rights for you inside our system with crystal clear guidelines about issues like privacy and freedom of speech.

Augmented Reality Ready!

We’re bringing AR (augmented reality) into our system from day 1. Creators and businesses will be able to upload (or create) 3D objects (products, clothing or anything!) into the system and integrate this into their experiences. Watch the video (below) to see one of our talented engineers running a test. We’re not finished developing but you can compare this to final release version soon! Imagine the possibilities!


Business owners of all kinds will have the opportunity to set up and use business features right out of the box. Within an hour you can have a store set up in the app and have web browser access.* Businesses have a variety of 3D buildings to choose from. Set up wherever you like inside the system (it doesn’t have to be your real-world location). Employees and business owners get 24 hour access inside the system (no timer) while inside their business. Have store hours for when your employees will be offering customer support inside your virtual store or let us operate your sales 24 hours a day without you!  All for pennies on the dollar compared to other platforms like Amazon. With AR and verified users, we know there’s a beautiful road ahead!

*Web browser access for customers shopping only for non-adult related products. Adult related products or content will only be available in-app.

Image credit: Mohamad Aymen Mir, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

Who doesn’t like the idea of going shopping with friends? Linked Friends is a first of its kind, allowing users to come to your store in groups! Check out the test (video) below for more.


Are you a creator? Did you know that using our system over websites like OnlyFans or Patreon could save you $1000’s of dollars per year? Since 65square is run by a nonprofit, shareholders and investors aren’t our concern. Within a couple minutes a business owner or content creator can be set up with a building inside the system.

Worried about time limits? Don’t be. Creators and business owners while inside their business spaces (in the personal app) or while using our business app, won’t have a system timer ticking! Actually, business owners and creators can see their patrons’ daily time remaining in the system and even gift time to them!

11 ways to monetize inside 65square

  1. Sales (Businesses or Content Creators) 

  2. Space rental (Businesses or Content Creators)  

  3. Merch (Businesses or Content Creators) 

  4. Donations/Tips (Businesses or Content Creators) 

  5. Paid courses (Businesses or Content Creators) 

  6. Sponsorships (Businesses or Content Creators) 

  7. Affiliate sales (Businesses or Content Creators) 

  8. Ticket sales (Businesses or Content Creators)

  9. Paid subscriptions (Content Creators) 

  10. Pay-per-creation (Content Creators) 

  11. Syndication (Content Creators)

Plus this is just the beginning. We’re already looking at improvements for version 2 of 65square. Stay tuned for updates.

Live Stream Venues (LSV) are a place, a time… an event. Only inside 65square. Creators and business owners will only be able to book time for a video live stream event, limited time per week. They’ll be able to sell merch during their event (like a concert) or have a gathering space for people to connect. All inside the venue they’ve booked. With a dedicated number of possible live stream hours per week, business owners and creators can build their brand, knowing that they’re not competing with a million other nobodies trying to be famous for nothing. Each major city* inside 65square will have a LSV to be booked in blocks of time. Creators or business owners can charge a ticket fee to watch or make it free. Easy integration for sponsorships and selling merch means that you’ll have full control on your revenues. If you’re a business owner or creator, it’s time to sign up now while the prices are low.

*A major city inside 65square will be a real municipality with a real-world population of 150,000 or more. This means that there will be approximately 2300 cities in our system which will have a LSV (and Dating Square).


Games? We got those.

We’re working on building games for all ages, both in AR and traditional 2D space. There are some custom, exclusive games you won’t find anywhere else. Most games for our youngest users will be fun and (don’t tell them) educational. Like learning how to cross the street in a 3D space or engineering.

Interested in online dating? Have you ever been catfished? Did you know that in 2021, there was nearly $600million in losses in North America just involving romance scams? Our system will allow you to have a different kind of online dating experience. Imagine being able to meet up with a date virtually at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Plus, who is going to try and scam others when they’re verified?

Other types of business experiences (we’re working on) in our system (non-exhaustive list):

  • Conferences/trade shows
  • Digital movie theatres 
  • Digital concerts/exhibitions 
  • Classes
  • Shows/events and more!
  • Fundraising and recurring billing systems for creators

Environmental concerns will fuel the innovation on our platform. Yes, some likely some won’t enjoy the daily time limit on our system (2 hours per day with extensions available) but some people will love it! Mental health and the health of our planet is at the core of this decision. We want to encourage you every day to be thankful for the time you have outside of your phone. Imagine, a big tech company actually caring about the mental health of its users!


Kids inside 65square?

We’ve formed a Wellness Team comprised of mental health experts to focus on the development of features for adults and kids and their experiences in the system. Our Wellness Team’s Mandate:

The Wellness Team exists to focus on the needs of the user by managing issues such as technology addiction, online safety and well-being. By adhering to healthier design and technology frameworks developed by industry professionals, we hope to improve user experience while still maintaining an enjoyable, community-friendly platform for both children and adults.

As such, kids will be grouped together with different restrictions inside our system. First, it should be noted that only kids of that age bracket will be seen to other kids in that age range (So adults won’t be visible to kids and vice-versa). Second, a child WON’T be able to set up an account unless a parent is first set up inside the system. Children will be grouped into the following age brackets with some restrictions below:

Ages 6-10: No custom messaging, parents control time limits, heavy focus on edutainment type programming and creations 

Ages 11-13: Eased social restrictions, ability to send custom messages including pictures (no video), nude image scanning (done by AI on device) will be standard and parents notified if a nude is uploaded or received

Ages 14-17: No ability for video messages or video calls but audio calls are allowed, nude image scanning still in force, shopping at PG rated content creators or stores now available

Below is a clip of the basic system we’re using to detect nude images. Please donate or better yet, sign up now to help make this a reality faster!!

Our first app! Guess your age/gender!

We have been working hard and now you can test some of the tech we’ve developed! It’s an age/gender guesser. It may not be much to look at but we’re very proud! Our AI team developed this system for 65square but it will be available now as a fun way to understand how the technology will work. It will make an assessment of your age and gender just using your phone or tablet’s camera! This is only the first step but more is coming soon! WARNING: This AI model is not trained for children yet. If you use the app on a child it will likely return an age between 25-40, although that may be funny.

Android version: HERE

Apple version: HERE

Developer credits: Ani, Minh, Aldrin, Alexandra & Syed

Want to help improve the system? Submit pictures or videos of you or your child now HERE

iOS Version now available!

Android version available!

Educate. Advocate. Protect.