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How to spot fake reviews (Scams) – HERE

Need to Know Social Media Apps/Sites Breakdowns

DEFEND’s podcast: Dark Side of the Web (a fictional account of real risks online for kids and vulnerable people). See more HERE.

How to Get Intimate Images Removed

Setup Parental Controls (Written Guides) for iPhone | Android – Videos: iPhone | Android

Glossary of Internet Apps / Slang / Terms – HERE

Battle Tested Apps/Sites – Coming soon

Types of Online Risks

    ->Thought to be Safe Online Spaces – Video | Written

     ->Unknown External Influences

    ->Known or Trusted External Influences

    ->Connections Looking to Lure

    ->New or Used Gadgets

    ->Play on Insecurities

    ->Risk that Starts Offline



  1. New research from Ireland (Nov 2021) regarding children’s online usage – Read more HERE
  2. DEFEND study, looks at what restrictions, parental safeguards and other safety settings on 15 major social sites/apps. SEE MORE HERE (Parents – a must look!)
  3. DEFEND’s second study looks at misconceptions of online sexual abuse – This data was collected in 2021. See the results HERE.
  4. Kids and the Metaverse – Read it HERE – by Common Sense Media (www.commonsense.org)
  5. Report (March 30/22) on how social media usage affects children at different ages (UK’s Ofcom): Read it HERE.
  6. How much screen time for kids and why – by The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – Read it HERE



News – HERE / New Risks – HERE

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