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Read our tasty blog for more great articles and tips on how to stay safe online – HERE
5 ways to avoid Back to School Online Shopping Scams – HERE
How to spot fake reviews (Scams) – HERE
Tips on how to spot FAKE NEWS (infographic) – HERE

Need to Know Social Media Apps/Sites Breakdowns

DEFEND’s podcast: Dark Side of the Web (a fictional account of real risks online for kids and vulnerable people). See more HERE.

How to Get Intimate Images Removed: https://needhelpnow.ca/app/en/

Setup Parental Controls (Written Guides) for iPhone | Android – Videos: iPhone | Android

Glossary of Internet Apps / Slang / Terms – HERE

Battle Tested Apps/Sites – Coming soon

Types of Online Risks

    ->Thought to be Safe Online Spaces – Video | Written

     ->Unknown External Influences

    ->Known or Trusted External Influences

    ->Connections Looking to Lure

    ->New or Used Gadgets

    ->Play on Insecurities

    ->Risk that Starts Offline

See more educational videos on a variety of subjects from scams to parenting issues: HERE



  1. New research from Ireland (Nov 2021) regarding children’s online usage – Read more HERE
  2. DEFEND study, looks at what restrictions, parental safeguards and other safety settings on 15 major social sites/apps. SEE MORE HERE (Parents – a must look!)
  3. DEFEND’s second study looks at misconceptions of online sexual abuse – This data was collected in 2021. See the results HERE.
  4. Kids and the Metaverse – Read it HERE – by Common Sense Media (www.commonsense.org)
  5. Report (March 30/22) on how social media usage affects children at different ages (UK’s Ofcom): Read it HERE.
  6. How much screen time for kids and why – by The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – Read it HERE



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