DEFEND – Events

DEFEND is producing exciting events and projects!

Coming soon:

1) DEFEND is hosting a focus group for our new social media site 65squareEmail us if interested

2) DEFEND is producing a round-table event with expert speakers and voices from young persons. An Advocacy-Education Team collaboration, it may be the first of many similar events to take place on live stream. Stay tuned for details, coming soon!

3) DEFEND is producing an exciting fundraising event which will take place on Zoom whereas participants will have to dance or stay active for a certain period of time (4+ hours) for prizes, swag and to raise awareness of issues DEFEND is working on. Slated for October 2021, participants will collect pledges to participate, much like a 5K run, except without the running! Click HERE for more info.

4) DEFEND is producing a dramatic, scripted/fictional podcast called: The Dark Side of the Web. Season 1 is Coming Fall 2021.


Want more info on any of the above? Email us:   


Past events/Projects

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