DEFEND – Events

DEFEND is producing exciting events and projects!

Fast approaching:


The DEFEND Art Gallery – Coming in January!

Also coming soon:

-DEFEND is hosting a focus group for our new social media site 65squareEmail us if interested

-DEFEND is producing a round-table event with expert speakers and voices from young persons. An Advocacy-Education Team collaboration, it may be the first of many similar events to take place on live stream. Stay tuned for details, coming soon!

-DEFEND is developing a workshop for parents on how to reduce risks for kids online. Stay tuned for details, coming soon!



Past events/Projects

May 2021: DEFEND’s 10 hour ink-a-thon

October 5, 2021: Robson Square in Vancouver, BC Canada – Petition Signing and Rally.

October 9, 2021: Windsor, ON Petition signing!

October 16, 2021: Petition signing in Edmonton, AB

October 17, 2021: Petition signing in Calgary, AB

October 24, 2021: The Magical Movement Tour – was an exciting fundraising event which will took place on Zoom whereas participants had to dance or stay active for up to 4 hours for prizes, swag and to raise awareness of issues DEFEND is working on. Participants collected nearly $1000 in pledges – Click HERE to watch the replay.
October 31, 2021: DEFEND has written and produced 13 episodes of a dramatic, scripted/fictional podcast called: Dark Side of the Web. First episode of Season 1 was released on Halloween 2021! Click HERE for more info.

Want more info on any of the above? Email us:  

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