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Social media literacy in all schools - OPEN FOR SIGNATURES!

Our next petition (Jan 29/22): We’ve kicked off our latest petition and it can be signed digitally from anywhere in the world here on our website. It seeks to make it mandatory for social media literacy classes in ALL elementary schools, everywhere! We need to prepare our kids for the future of being online and all of the risks involved – Join us – SIGN THE PETITION HERE. We will be serving a hard copy version of this petition on all provincial and state jurisdictions across North America soon and we need sponsors in each province/state. Want to help out? Email us now: info@helpusdefend.com

Age/ID verification on ALL social media - NOW CLOSED

Our first online petition (Aug 2020): garnered more than 10,000 digital signatures from around the world. We are looking for mandatory age/identity verification on all social media. Should adults have the ability to access children on social media? Do kids and other vulnerable persons have the right to be safe online? Our hard copy (paper) petition was circulated in several cities in Canada and in a little more than 24 hours of total campaign time, we ended the petition with a little less than 1000 physical signatures! Unfortunately only 748 were verified (by Canada’s House of Commons) although it has been presented to government by MP Arnold Viersen. We are waiting for a response from the Canadian federal government currently. 

UPDATE – Aug 28/22: Response received from the Canadian government. They have advised they are putting an “expert group” together for investigation on these issues. See the government response HERE.

10-hour Ink-a-Thon

On May 8 2021, we started a 10-hour marathon thanking all of the 10,000+ people who signed our petition. Watch it now, below.

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Join our Parents/Guardian Support Group

DEFEND has a parent/guardian support group on Facebook. Its purpose: to share information, offer peer-to-peer support and to education about risks online. If you’re a parent or guardian to a child or a vulnerable person, looking to reduce risks online for them (and yourself) please join now!

Letter-Writing Campaign

We are letter-writing to big businesses like Match Group Inc. and others in an attempt to change policy and to protect children and vulnerable persons now. See who’s on the list. Take action now to encourage positive change!

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