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How to take ACTION NOW?!


Our (Online) Petition


Our online petition is a great way to take action now. Join the thousands of others around the world who are looking to be heard in government and across social media platforms to make it mandatory that age/ID verification becomes the norm. Should adults have the ability to access children on social media? Do kids and other vulnerable persons have the right to be safe online? Hard copy petition coming soon in North America!

Sign and SHARE the petition NOW

Help us reduce risks for children and vulnerable people online and have a direct impact on these issues in your community. LEARN MORE NOW!


What’s happening with DEFEND? Want to explore an interesting talk? See our fundraising endeavours? Learn more.

Take our ONLINE PREDATOR survey

Our Research Team is conducting a survey about online predators and stereotypes. Takes less than 10 minutes! Anyone can complete the survey. Take the survey HERE.

Join our Parents/Guardian Support Group

DEFEND has just launched our new parent/guardian support group on Facebook. Its purpose: to share information, offer peer-to-peer support and to education about risks online. If you’re a parent or guardian to a child or a vulnerable person, looking to reduce risks online for them (and yourself) please join now!

Letter-Writing Campaign

We are letter-writing to big businesses like Match Group Inc. and others in an attempt to change policy and to protect children and vulnerable persons now. See who’s on the list. Take action now to encourage positive change!

Volunteer with us!

Volunteer in your area NOW to start proactive steps in your community to help protect children in small bite-sized ways.


Educate. Advocate. Protect.