Dating Square from 65square

Dating Square is coming!

Dating Square is set to hit the app stores soon! Are you ready?

What is Dating Square? It’s the dating system from 65square, the world’s healthiest social media platform.

How is it healthy? Everyone is verified, there is a two hour daily time limit (then you’re kicked off) and it’s ad-free. Plus dating has never been so meaningful. To start, there will be three remarkable ways to connect: Blind Match, Swipe and Board Games.

How is it safer? Everyone is verified! No more catfish or scammers. No kids inside Dating Square.

When is it launching? Dating Square should be available by September 2023

Cost (1 year): $20 USD (Pre-release price)

Fun, Verified Fun.

Dating online will be so much more fun when you know the other person is verified too. Pull up a board game, chat with a group of people or play our version of the Dating Game! There are so many options inside Dating Square. Plus, when 65square goes online, go on a virtual date by exploring a city or go shopping using our innovative AR features. Our “Swipe” feature, the closest we will come to a Tinder-like experience, slowly uncovers a person’s profile image the more you’ve gone through their profile. Making connections, that much more meaningful.

Above: A video shows a test of 65square’s Dating Square feature: “Swipe” – Swipe forces you to review someone’s profile before seeing their images.

Why support Tinder?

According to NCMEC, there were 3,642 child sex abuse (CSA) reports on Tinder in 2021? Why would you want to support a for-profit $2B tech company gain more CSA reports? There were enough weren’t there? Or is it just because Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds sits on their board?  

NCMEC stats regarding Tinder
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