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  • What is Map to Hope support group?

Map to Hope is an online peer support group that offers a safe, non-judgmental space for non-offending MAPs to share about their mental health and seek support from those who understand their experience. The group takes place via Zoom and is open to any English speaker around the world who meets the requirements in the “Who can join?” section below.


Map to Hope does not offer therapy, diagnosis, or professional mental health treatment.


Who can join?

You can join the group if you:


  • Are 18 years or older
  • Identify as minor attracted (MAP, pedophile, ephebophile, infantophile, etc.) 
  • Are committed to never harming children in person or online, which includes CSAM
  • Agree to our guidelines and expectations HERE

Meeting times

See when meetings will take place in your time zone: 

Tuesdays (every week starting Feb 13/24) 

10:00 am Vancouver/Los Angeles 

1:00 pm Toronto/New York 

5:00 pm London

(Thursday morning 6am NZ) 


Times/days for Map to Hope Support Groups SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Guidelines to attend support group

1. Be committed to not harming children, which includes sexual contact and engaging in CSAM.

2. Respect the group rules and those in the group.

3. Understand that the group will be recorded (see “Why are meetings recorded?” on FAQ page to learn more)

Educate. Advocate. Protect.