DEFEND’s Star of the Quarter!

Are you performing well as a volunteer with DEFEND? Think someone else is deserving of recognition?

Effective February 25, 2022, DEFEND will be honouring members of its volunteer force. This is a quarterly reward program set aside by DEFEND to bring into focus and limelight the efforts and contributions of the dedicated volunteers that are helping the organization bring about positive change in the world for children and vulnerable people online. This program focuses on below the surface work that brings traceable and evident results. Each quarter one volunteer will be recognized publicly and awarded a $25 CAD prize.

The deadline to nominate someone would be: 

  1. On or before March 31; 
  2. On or before June 30; 
  3. On or before September 30; or 
  4. On or before Dec 31 
    -Of any given year. 

Eligibility: To qualify, a DEFEND volunteer

  • Must be 18 years or older 

  • Must be working in part with any DEFEND team

  • Must be one with integrity 

  • Must be one that conducts themself with honor and communicates with respect

  • Must understand and follow DEFEND’s policies


Criteria: Things we would look for, 

  • Number of volunteer hours would be considered referencing that against result or expected outcome of tasks assigned

  • The task or responsibility given would be measured not just by the time frame but the standard or quality of the result or final outcome

  • Members of any team can nominate anyone including themselves

  • Percentage of success achieved through the solutions offered by a volunteer and its implementation

  • Roles and responsibility carried out

Prize: The Quarterly Star will be recognized on DEFEND’s socials and given a $25 CAD budget (equivalent value) for a gift card of a store of their choosing (provided the store will accept the purchase from a Canadian credit card. 

Educate. Advocate. Protect.