DEFEND’s Art Gallery

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A lion takes a picture of a baby cub, photography, photo, pic, cub, lion, cameras, lenses, animals, cuddly, sex abuse,

-Custom illustrations by Kanoko

cat jumps into hands

Monthly Themes

January’s art theme: Online child grooming

February’s art theme: CSAM (Child sex abuse material)

March’s art theme: Online scams

April’s art theme: Social media age verification

May’s art theme: Sexting

June’s art theme: Social media addiction

July’s art theme: Viewing of inappropriate content online

August’s art theme: Fake online news

September’s art theme: Online exploitation of one’s own family

October’s art theme: Online bullying

November’s art theme: Risks related to online/in-app purchases

December’s art theme: Social media impact on well-being & poisonous influencer culture

Registration is now closed for the DEFEND Art Gallery! Thanks to everyone!

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