65square for Municipalities

Are you with a town, city or municipality?

Then we’re looking to help! As we build out our new 3D world, we’re looking to offer experiences and teachable moments not only from your area’s history but from current offerings and adventures that may be of significance to your tourism or business sector. What better way to grow your economy then to offer local businesses or attractions an opportunity to get exposure from real verified adventure-seekers. Give people inside 65square a chance to immerse themselves in your culture. Offer potential patrons or tourists time-limited offers for real world attractions in your area.

We understand how difficult it can be to get messaging out there to reach new markets. We are now going to offer each municipality around the world, the opportunity to invest and reap the rewards of having a presence inside our system. For a one-time fee you will get the following:

  • A unique 3D Welcome Centre building inside our system, located on a digital plot of land of your choice within the country of your municipality
  • A customizable interior for that 3D building
  • A billboard inside the system at a place other than where the building is set up (with one permanent poster attached to lead people to your region’s digital Welcome Centre)
  • 500MB of storage for digital media (videos, pictures, music, etc) that tell your region’s story and will fill up that Welcome Centre’s interior space
  • The ability to have employees or ambassadors at your Welcome Centre (24 hours a day) to answer questions for people visiting or to sell your region’s rich history
All of this for a one-time price (limited time offer): $1000 CAD (Extras may include additional storage space, swapping billboard posters or yearly personal user fees for employees to be assigned
Offer ends: December 1/22. One Welcome Centre per municipality. Must provide proof of authority. Service will begin when 65square goes online in mid-2022. Other restrictions may apply. After payment, connect with us: info@helpusdefend.com and we will send you more details and updates.
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