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1) Social Media Team Leads

Roles and Responsibilities

The Social Media Team Leads are responsible for identifying and prioritizing what needs to be done for outgoing marketing materials, development of visual content, production and other educational-related materials.  Leads will oversee a team focused on one area of DEFEND’s needs.

The Social Media Leads drive the engagement, promotion and building blocks for strategies and educational materials of the DEFEND Committee as well as oversee the development and production of technology and/or social media messaging. This includes managing communications with Committee Members. These leaders are responsible for ensuring the core principles of DEFEND remain at the centre of educational and/or social media messaging.


TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours per week (remote work)


Key Responsibilities

  • Research, develop and understand social media and technology priorities for DEFEND.
  • Manage and develop strategic initiatives, educational materials, understand the technology landscape and ensure the organization remains a leading voice for protection of children & vulnerable people on social media.
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to capture and communicate powerful messages in line with education priorities.
  • Ensure social media and website content and educational statements are consistently of exceptional quality.

2) Musicians/Bands/Composers

DEFEND is producing a scripted dramatic podcast which will be produced and distributed on the major podcast platforms (Apple, Google, Spotify, etc) Our podcast is also going to be animated and put on our Youtube channel. Each of these episodes will showcase a different type of risk for a child or vulnerable person online. We also consistently produce video and other media content on a regular basis for our social media work.


We are looking for bands, musicians, composers and ultimately music to add to and compliment our media across our social networks. If you or your band would like to contribute to our library, we can offer credit and a link to your socials if we use any music you would license to us. The exclusive license would need to cover all medium in perpetuity, royalty-free. You would also be free to use the media we create for your portfolio.

If interested, please email us some links to your work, portfolio or reel.


3) Research/Data Collection

Role and Responsibilities

The DEFEND Committee is currently collecting usable data from various sources including from groups/individuals who purportedly interact with online child predators. Our hope is that some of this data may become useful in the future of our work, including in educational seminars.

TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours per week (remote work)


Key Responsibilities

    • Watching videos and collecting other useful sources of data
    • Filling out predetermined forms
    • Reporting on findings
    • Communicating with Committee about issues

4) Media creators

Role and Responsibilities

The DEFEND Committee is currently looking for creators of all kinds (musicians, voice over artists, visual artists, video creators, models, photographers, designers, etc) to partner and/or create content with. This may be ongoing or piecemeal. You may be inspired to create a message or piece of content from representations on our website or you may come up with unique messaging that may align with our values and goals. We are interested in creating for social media and beyond.


Experience in UI/UX is an asset and part of a request from our Tech Team.


TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours, ongoing per month or total (remote work)


Key Responsibilities

    • Working with our Leads in one of four areas: Advocacy, Education, Tech or Social Media
    • Completing specified creative tasks that may be helpful to yourself and to our mission
    • Create a piece or several works that fit within our ongoing long term Plan
    • Communicating with Committee about progress and needs

5) Podcast Writers, Producers & Voice Actors

Role and Responsibilities

The DEFEND Committee is currently looking to create a custom podcast (on video and other mediums) to educate, advocate and protect children and vulnerable persons online. We are looking for people that are skilled in video and audio production to assist and produce an ongoing show that will be aimed primarily at parents and educators. The podcast is scripted and each episode will tell a different audio story about how a child or vulnerable person is at risk online. Voice actors are needed to playing various roles.


TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours per week, ongoing (remote work)


Key Responsibilities

    • Development of weekly or bi-weekly ideas/concepts
    • Scheduling guests, working on scripts and production assistance
    • Voice talent should have experience, knowledge and passion for the subject matter. They will record parts remotely under direction of production team.

6) Regional managers/point persons

Role and Responsibilities

The DEFEND Committee is looking for strong voices and leaders in regional areas across the globe! These managers will seek out and manage smaller teams who will be responsible for regional implementation of targeted protests, rallies or petitions. We are looking to create a strong network of people and parents who care deeply about the protection of children and vulnerable persons.


TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours per week, ongoing (remote work)


Key Responsibilities

    • Interview and manage regional teams
    • Schedule point person meetings and
    • Report to DEFEND meetings and receive directions on goals/strategies

7) Volunteer Recruiter/Manager

Role Description

The DEFEND Committee is looking for a volunteer with experience in Recruitment or HR to help fill vacancies in the Committee membership/teams.  

This individual will manage the recruitment of individuals for various positions in the organization. The Volunteer Recruiter will communicate with DEFEND leadership on their current needs and adapt strategy as necessary. 


TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours per week, ongoing (remote work)


Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct initial interviews of applicants for DEFEND Committee roles;
  • Schedule meetings with select Committee members after screened candidates are interviewed to arrange additional interviews as required;
  • Report to DEFEND on issues or strategies regarding recruiting for specific roles;
  • Be a point person for applicants to DEFEND;
  • Assess methods to appeal to volunteers for key Committee positions
  • Analyze trends for volunteering, making recommendations to Committee Chair and President about optimal recruitment methods

8) Committee Members

The DEFEND Committee is looking for volunteers with experience in administration or management to help fill vacancies in our Committee membership/teams. We are a 100% volunteer-run international non-profit organization. Our goal is to reduce risk for children and vulnerable persons online.

Committee Members with DEFEND will help guide and oversee overall goals and ensure mission statement is at the core of all choices. Individuals will meet weekly on Zoom to discuss long term goals and make incremental steps towards project plan accomplishments. We are looking to make online safer for children and vulnerable persons. We currently have four teams dedicated to advancing this mission (Tech, Advocacy, Social Media and Education). We are looking to also begin a regular podcast and there are many other ideas we are addressing along the way.

TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours per week, ongoing (remote work)

Key Responsibilities

  • Attend and contribute in weekly meetings;
  • Supervise teams and team progress (directly and/or indirectly);
  • Discuss team progress and develop on overall Project Plan;
  • Advance our petition (to make it law that all social media implement age/ID verification);
  • Assess policies and advance their development;
  • Work in teams to accomplish goals of all sizes

9) Ambassadors/Petition/Rally Advocates

DEFEND is looking for a wide variety of volunteers with a passion for wanting to help children and/or vulnerable people. We are a 100% volunteer-run international non-profit organization. Our goal is to reduce risk for children and vulnerable persons online.

We started a petition to make it mandatory that ALL people have to age/ID verify on ALL social media sites. Should adults have the ability to contact unknown kids online? Verification can help with a number of issues, one being accountability.

We are going to be holding rallies, protests and furthering a hardcopy petition to move our online petition forward. People interested in volunteering can be anywhere in the world, with a focus initially in North America. We will be holding group Zoom meetings once weekly leading up to some of the in-person events (when it is safe to hold these events).


TIME COMMITMENT: 2-4 hours per month, ongoing


Key Responsibilities

  • Attend and contribute group meetings;
  • Follow our socials and promote/share our messaging with your family, friends and communities;
  • Start discussions about these issues in your own area;
  • During the live events, you may attend to support / advance our petitions, speak up about your feelings on the issues and focus on evolving the way we communicate our messaging;
  • Assess your own jurisdiction, discover what needs there might be, research venues that might be appropriate to hold events at and support with communications to local stakeholders;
  • Work in teams (locally and regionally) to accomplish goals of all sizes


10) Concept Artists

DEFEND is looking for concept artists to help with our new social media site. These artists will be skilled with computer design or drawing techniques to bring to life our creative vision.

TIME COMMITMENT: 2-4 hours per week, ongoing


Key Responsibilities

  • Attend and contribute at team meetings;
  • Work with project leads to conceptualize parts of the system
  • Communicate with others about your needs and to learn about the needs of the project
  • Produce artworks that will shape the social media site for the future!