Halloween Fundraiser 2022

A donation of $25 per person gets you entered in the contest to be judged for your costume. During the event, participants will be asked to participate in a number of activities (See below for a list of items needed). Participation for the hour gets you in line to be judged. Grand prize winner will take home 50% of the proceeds (if a skill-testing question is answered correctly). The Youtube audience watching the live stream will judge the results. No purchase necessary to participate in the fun stuff. Must be present and on video to win.

Items needed for event: (you should prepare at least 3 sets of items)


  • Plastic soda bottle + water
  • Plastic spoon + glass/mug
  • Long skinny pasta noodles (uncooked) + stick/straw
  • Medium sized cookie or brownie (or something comparable you’d eat)
  • 4 apples or green/red peppers
  • Pencil + glass/mug
  • 10 plastic cups
  • 10 pieces of paper, scissors and tape
  • 15-20 nuts (as in nuts and bolts) + straw or wood skewer
For all of the items above you should also prepare a table or stand near or in front of where your Zoom camera/device will be set up to show the audience your skills.


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