Family Electronic Devices Agreement

piece of paper with text on it

Make an agreement with your child about electronic device usage

A few things before using this FREE template:

-Do no force your child to sign this

-Make sure they are filling in the agreement where spaces are blank

-Talk to your child before and during the signing process. Make it a big deal. Talk to them about the associated risks.

-Use age appropriate language when modifying it

-Understand that enforcement will likely be the hardest part and it will take work. Don’t expect 100% compliance right away

-If needed, modify the agreement and update it at certain developmental milestones

If you need support about this template or if you want to let us know how it’s working for you, please send us a message! Be safe out there!  

The template is found here in our Google Drive (You can freely download the document, modify, share or print it):

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