Map to Hope Launches!

Map to Hope - a new way to PREVENT


February 12, 2024



DEFEND deploys MAPs program 

DEFEND organization lends a helping hand to adults struggling with minor attraction 


TORONTO – DEFEND, an organization ventilating protection towards vulnerable individuals online, has released its recently launched Minor Attracted Persons (MAP) support group, Map to Hope. This anonymous support group for non-offending MAPs will be implemented online through Zoom every Tuesday for anyone suffering from this issue starting February 13, 2024, at 1 p.m. EST. As this issue is sheltered from society, DEFEND has taken the initiative to disseminate awareness and lend its facilitative hand with the collaboration of Canadian psychologist- Dr. James Cantor. 


As DEFEND contributes its work to evolving the online realm with the prioritization of safety and security, its new private program objectively holds a new way to protect these individuals through its prevention before it sprouts into unlawful behavior. MAPs circulate the attraction of minors with the commitment of not harming them–separating them from pedophilia, overall encouraging the act of protecting children.  


“Acting on it is not what they are struggling against; it is the loneliness, isolation and life worth living that they are struggling against,” Dr. Cantor sympathizes.


With Dr. Cantor’s expertise and support for Map to Hope, he argues, “It is about helping these people live a connected life; it lets them have somebody to get feedback from,” Dr. Cantor expresses, “People do the worst things when they feel isolated.”


Moreso, DEFEND has developed this program to reduce the likelihood of forthcoming pedophilic transgressions and other similar criminal behavior through the divulgence of this disorder and offering help.  DEFEND’s other programs, technology and activities primarily revolve around prevention of harm online for people who may be potential victims. Map to Hope completes the circle focusing on prevention from another angle.  


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