Hidden Hearts Dating Quest – Event

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What is it? A fun dating event for singles live-streamed on our Youtube channel on Saturday April 6/24 at 2pm EST

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The Beauty Block (Calgary): https://www.beautyblock.ca/

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What is Blind Match? Blind Match is a feature inside Dating Square, our new dating app built by 65square. It has been adapted to play on a live stream for our Youtube audience. Each game during the Hidden Hearts Dating Quest event, will have one single person asking questions to three single people who answer those questions. Just like on Dating Square, the players of the game won’t be able to see each other (or know anything else about the other person) while asking or answering questions. After the time limit is up, the person asking questions may select one of the other players, if they want to “match”. If that person also wants to match, then the couple will win a date to a restaurant of one of our sponsors. 

What kinds of prizes will there be? Some specific brand-related prizes will be given away on April 6 for those who “Match” during the game. Prizes like Dinner-for-Two, fun activities at arcades, rock climbing, bowling, hair styles, nails, barber shaves will all be up for grabs. 

Why are you doing this? To spread awareness of healthier online dating options like Dating Square, our new dating app and to keep the conversation going around issues surrounding risks on dating apps. According to the Washington Post, in 2022, there was $547million dollars lost in romance scams, primarily starting on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. We want to stop this. These are our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who lose their life savings being scammed by catfish. On top of that, with no meaningful age verification, just on Match Group Platforms (Tinder, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, etc) in 2022, there were more than 3,500 child sex abuse reports, because kids are going on adult dating platforms. 

Who is DEFEND? DEFEND is a nonprofit in Canada and the event organizer. Our mission is to reduce risks for children and vulnerable people online.

Does the Hidden Hearts Dating Quest FREE? YES, the April 6 event is free to watch and play.  

Why do I have to show my ID to play on April 6/24? Because just like Dating Square, we care deeply about a catfish-free and scammer free environment. Plus we have to verify that you’re able to consent to agree to be in the show. 

If I’m gay, can I play? People from all races, genders and sexuality can participate in Blind Match at the Hidden Hearts Dating Quest event on April 6/24 although we are randomly distributing invite cards across those select cities and whomever registers first will have the ability to play based on other people who sign up. We may or may not get enough people who fit your age/gender preferences to run a game on that day, so signing up is different than playing and playing cannot be guaranteed. We will inform all who register prior to the event to give them a heads up as to what to expect. 

Can I register if I didn’t find a game invite? Yes, you can register and be added onto a waiting list. 

Do I have to be 18 to play? Absolutely. This is one of the reasons you will need to verify with ID before playing. When you first join playing on April 6, you will be brought into a private room on Zoom and you will need to show our team a government issued photo ID.  Just like on Dating Square, everyone will be verified, because dating is safer when everyone is verified!

Do I need to go on Zoom and be on camera to play? Yes. At first, while asking and answering questions, you will have your camera off and only a number will be on screen representing you. You do not need to have your name publicly visible.

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Blind Match is also inside Dating Square!

Dating Square is DEFEND Nonprofit’s first mobile app for the world to have healthier, safer dating experiences online.

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