Scam websites – Submitted by YOU!

Sent a text or email with what looks like a fake website?

If you’ve been sent a text or email that contains a link or website, send us screenshots only (JPG or PNG) and we will post in our database. Use subject line: Fake Website and do NOT copy and paste the link – just send us a screenshot! Sending a screenshot may prevent someone else from clicking on that site in the future. We will also do our best to report the site and have it taken down. Email screenshots here: (Replace ### with “at” character).

Think you’ve been sent a scam email or text? Search the database below.

Note: While we offer this as a free service, we obviously don’t know if a website truly is a scam/fake website and we use best guess estimations along with industry tools. Please do your due diligence and research anything you suspect could be fraud. Report fraud to local authorities. Not all websites will be in our database. Reports come from the general public and unless on its face the report seems suspicious, websites will be included. Use this information at your own risk and user discretion advised.

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