Magical Movement Tour

Magical Movement Tour: a Non-4K Run - October 24, 2021

When: Sunday October 24/21

Start time: 12pm EDT (NYC Time)

Entry fee: $100 minimum in pledges/donations (per person on camera during the event)


1) For everyone who stays active on Zoom (on camera) for 2 of the 4 hours

2) Best Costume (Voted by Youtube audience)

3) Best Zoom Background (Voted by Youtube audience)

4) Most funds raised – $100 Apple Gift Card + iPhone 12 mini (Blue – 64GB)

Step 1 - Fill out this form!

You can register for yourself OR attach your donation to someone who is participating. If you are going to register and you aren’t donating now, you can SKIP TO STEP 2. To participate in the event, you must pay or collect $100 CAD minimum in donations (in your name). You may SHARE this website and ask your family and friends to donate (in your name) and when the total amount of donations (in your name) reaches a minimum of $100 CAD, you will be notified with the Zoom link to participate! Good luck! 

If you are collecting donations (or directing people to donate in your name) to participate, please skip Step 1. Filling out the waiver (Step 2) will get you registered. Once people that have donated (in the total amount over $100 CAD) in your name, you will be notified that you’ll be able to participate on Zoom for the event.

Donations are updated once every 24 hours.

Greg – Current Donations: $155.22

Kristy – Current Donations: $160

Henry – Current donations: $102.56

Ecio – Current donations: $102.56

Romaine – Current Donations: $102.56

Maliha – Current donations: $102.56

Eric – Current Donations: $5

Step 3 - Share this site/Raise Donations


If you would like to still donate to DEFEND, please see our donations page HERE

Step 4 - Participate in the event!

After registration is complete, you will be given the Zoom code for the event on October 24, 2021. Invite your friends/family to watch the event on our Youtube Channel

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