Press Release – Magical Movement Tour

Dance to protect kids online!



Nonprofit hosting Magical Movement Tour: a Non 4k Run


October 18, 2021– The Magical Movement Tour: a Non-4k Run is a Zoom fundraising and awareness event hosted by DEFEND, a volunteer-run not-for-profit that aims to reduce risks for children and vulnerable people online. The event takes place this Sunday, October 24 and is meant to be fun for all. Participants will be moving, dancing, stretching or otherwise being active in some way to raise much needed funds and awareness about the issues DEFEND is pushing for. The goal for participants will be to stay moving on their Zoom feed for a minimum of 2 of the 4 hours.  



The magical part of the event comes from the number: 20,307,216. The astonishing number of child sex abuse reports which occured on Facebook owned platforms in 2020 alone. The event is taking place close to Halloween which is a perfectly ghastly time of year to draw attention to this nightmare. Participants are also encouraged to participate in the live streamed event in costumes as there will be prizes for best costume, best zoom background and more.  Registration requires participants to collect pledges like they would for a charity 5k run. This event is completely virtual with pandemic protocols in mind. Top prize to be won is a 64GB blue iPhone 12 and a $100 gift card for Apple which will be given to the person which raises the most donations. 



DEFEND and its 60+ volunteers from around the world are razor focused on bringing awareness to risks online, including to its target market of children and vulnerable people. Rana S., a DEFEND volunteer from Vancouver, indicates she is motivated by the organization because she wants to stop online predators “DEFEND has opened my eyes to these kinds of risks online, no other organization is working on this issue, to protect kids online. I love to be part of a change in the world, and everything is about childhood.” 


Some volunteers with DEFEND are parents, who are very concerned about their children’s safety using social media. Others are family members or friends of vulnerable people who take an interest in protecting those who are potential targets. “I am not a parent,” adds Rana, “That doesn’t mean I can’t advocate for what’s right.


To be proactive, DEFEND is currently working with their Tech Team to develop a new social media platform called 65square which will have age and ID verification built-in from the ground up. 65square developers believe safety is a priority, more information can be found on DEFEND’s YouTube channel


Magical Movement Tour: Non 4k Run!

12pm to 4pm (EST)

Sunday, October 24, 2021

$100 minimum in pledges/donations to participate 


For more information, please contact:

Romaine B., Chair of DEFEND


Educate. Advocate. Protect.