What do the different teams do?


  1. DEFEND’s BOARD – The Board Members of DEFEND help to ensure regulatory compliance and oversee DEFEND’s Action Committee. 

  2. ACTION COMMITTEE – DEFEND’s Action Committee oversees all of the teams and team members, supports the Board and manages the resources of the organization. 

  3. ADMIN TEAM – DEFEND’s Admin Team is vital to 65square and DEFEND at large. The Admin Team provides much-needed support to all teams by creating agendas, taking minutes, and other clerical tasks delegated. 

  4. FUNDRAISING TEAM –  DEFEND’s Fundraising Team researches and coordinates applications for potential funding support from various public, private, nongovernmental organizations as well as individual donors in order to sustain DEFEND’s daily operations and its programs. Individuals on the Fundraising Team write grant applications, submit project proposals and research a variety of financial opportunities and partnerships. This team may also assist in coordinating fundraising events which are produced by DEFEND.

  5. SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM –  DEFEND’s Social Media Team handles outgoing messaging for all of DEFEND’s teams which may include DEFEND’s newsletter “The Voice of the Vulnerable”. They also produce content for DEFEND or 65square socials which speaks for various individual teams or events.  This team coordinates with other DEFEND teams to make sure what’s being posted is accurate and timely. They may seek information directly from other teams or team leads to assess accuracy and to create posts which are meaningful and effective. 

  6. ADVOCACY TEAM – DEFEND’s Advocacy Team moves to make widespread societal changes. They are responsible for lobbying, petitioning and campaigns to build awareness around changes we think pushes forward DEFEND’s mission. They may also be responsible for creating individual campaigns which are focused on community engagement. Some of these campaigns may be executed in conjunction or with the support of DEFEND’s Social Media or Marketing Teams.

  7. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT TEAM –  DEFEND’s Community Engagement Team is a sub-team of the Advocacy Team. It organizes protests, rallies, and hardcopy petitions around the world to further our mission. 

  8. EDUCATION TEAM – DEFEND’s Education Team is a multi-faceted team whose role is to create educational content for workshops, DEFEND’s social media and its website. They may engage the general public to teach where people are at risk online and how to prevent online harms. The Podcast Team is a sub-team of the Education Team. 

  9. PODCAST TEAM – The DEFEND Podcast Team produces episodes of fictional radio stories that are eventually animated. Each episode features different stories and characters that dive into a variety of online harms. 

  10. HR TEAM –  DEFEND’s HR Team is a team of human resource professionals who handle all personnel issues, including: recruitment, onboarding, training and a variety of other issues like organization engagement. 

  11. MARKETING – DEFEND’s Marketing Team builds campaigns specifically for community engagement, promotion and may include advertising campaigns. 

  12. RESEARCH TEAM –  DEFEND’s Research Team collects and presents data using scholarly methods with the hopes of using the data to bring about widespread changes.   

  13. MAPs Team – DEFEND’S MAPs Team is developing programming for minor attracted persons (MAPs) so that we can be responsible for helping to reduce risks online for all people, including children. MAPs are often overlooked in society and there are often little resources to help prevent harms in this fashion. Our programming may include support groups, one-on-one coaching and referrals to help instill better tools in persons attracted to minors so that they can be part of the solution and not the problem.  

  14. TECH TEAMS – DEFEND’s Tech Teams are in charge of developing concepts for technical projects for DEFEND. Currently they only include 65square Teams:

    1. WELLNESS –  65square’s Wellness Team exists to focus on the needs of the user by managing issues such as technology addiction, online safety and wellbeing. By adhering to healthier design and technology frameworks developed by industry professionals, we hope to improve user experience while still maintaining an enjoyable, community-friendly platform for both children and adults. 

    2. SUPPORT – The 65square Support Team is a sub-team of the Wellness Team and its sole mission is to create and manage a system which can handle issues created by 65square users.

    3. DESIGN – The 65square Design Team is composed of musical, concept and UI/UX graphic designers which bring forward tangible blueprints for different systems which may be included in 65square.  

    4. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT –  65square’s Business Development team is a group of business professionals with a diverse range of skills currently working turning 65square into a competitive business. Some of their realm is: accounting, marketing, management, sustainability and legal. 

    5. UNITY DEVELOPMENT – Unity Team is responsible for development of the 65square personal app and all of its user-interactable elements. This includes 3D development. 

    6. DATABASE DEVELOPMENT –  The Database Team is building a 65square database from scratch from the UI designs.   

    7. BACK-END DEVELOPMENT – The Back-End developers create an infrastructure for data to be passed to/from the user and the database/servers. 

    8. FRONT-END DEVELOPMENT – 65square’s React Team is responsible for creating the look at functionality of the 65square website according to the UI design. 

    9. FLUTTER DEVELOPMENT – 65square’s Flutter Team is building a complimentary business mobile application which will support business owners and content creators of all kinds. 

    10. SYS ADMIN – The Systems Administration Team handles the building and maintenance of physical infrastructure for 65square and its subsystems. 

    11. AI –  The AI Team is responsible for building and optimizing machine learning models that will be used to achieve various features in the app. They work with other teams to implement features such as the all-important facial analysis login system.

    12. TESTING – 65square Testing Team collaborates with all development teams to maintain quality assurance and attention to detail.

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